O2 Contract Deals Iphone 13

If you`re in the market for a new iPhone 13 and looking for a contract deal, O2 has some great options for you. O2 is one of the most reliable and trustworthy mobile carriers in the UK, and it offers some of the best deals on the latest iPhone models.

So, what should you know about the O2 contract deals for the iPhone 13? Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. O2 offers both pay monthly and pay upfront options for the iPhone 13. Pay monthly contracts allow you to spread the cost of the phone over a fixed term (usually 24 or 36 months), while pay upfront contracts require you to pay the full cost of the phone upfront.

2. The cost of the iPhone 13 on O2 varies depending on the storage capacity you choose. The 128GB version starts at £34.99 per month with an upfront cost of £49.99, while the 512GB version starts at £63.99 per month with an upfront cost of £269.99.

3. All O2 contracts come with unlimited talk and text, so you can stay in touch with friends and family without worrying about running out of minutes. You can also choose from a range of data allowances, from 1GB to unlimited, depending on your needs.

4. O2 offers a range of additional benefits with its contracts, including access to O2 Priority, which gives you access to exclusive offers and experiences, and O2 Refresh, which allows you to upgrade your phone early by paying off the remaining balance on your contract.

5. O2 also offers free delivery on all contract orders, so you can have your new iPhone 13 delivered straight to your door without any additional costs.

Overall, O2`s contract deals for the iPhone 13 are highly competitive and offer great value for money. Whether you`re looking for a low-cost option or want the latest and greatest features, O2 has a contract to suit your needs. So why wait? Head to O2`s website today to explore your options and find the perfect iPhone 13 contract deal for you.